Hattersley offers a wide range of balancing commissioning solutions for constant and variable flow systems, such as pressure independent control valves, differential pressure control valves and pre-assembled units. Leminar’s partnership with the brand has enabled us to be the most sought after name for HVAC application solutions.

Isolation Valve

Gate Valve

Regulating Valves

Double Regulating Valve

Bronze FO-DRV
Ferrous VO-DRV
Butterfly type DRV with Metering station

Globe Valve

Bronze Rising Stem
Cast Iron

Check Valve

Bronze Swing WRAS Approved
Ductile Single Non Return Valve WRAS Approved
Cast Iron WAFER / Double Dooor Pattern
Ductile Iron Swing Pattern


Bronze Y-Type WRAS Approved
Cast Iron Y Type WRAS Approved
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