GF Piping System

Georg Fischer was founded in 1802 by Mr Johann Conrad Fischer and is headquartered in Switzerland. Today, it operates approximately 130 companies with over 13,000 employees in 30 different countries. The Group focuses on three core businesses: GF Piping Systems, GF Automotive and GF AgieCharmilles.The industrial corporation offers more than 60,000 quality products including tailored, innovative piping systems for the treatment and distribution of water as well as the safe transport of industrial fluids and gases. GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of plastic and metal piping systems, which are indispensable for the safe transportation and treatment of water and gas. Our portfolio also features solutions and highquality components such as fittings, valves, automation and jointing technology. These offerings find use in a wide range of industries including marine, chemical process industry, microelectronics and food & beverage cooling industry. Other common applications are in utilities and buildings.

Poly Butylene PB – Instaflex Piping System
Aqua system PP-R Pipes and Fittings
PE – Utility System / Chilled Water System
PVC/CPVC Cemented System
Fuseal Chemical Piping
HDPE/PPH/PVDF Welded System
Hycleen Automation System
Measurement & Control
Jointing Technology & Tools
Double Containment
Pre-insulated Systems
Mechanical Jointing

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